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Xining to Lhasa - Its all about training ;)

He is the image of the invisible !

Xining is an interesting city where we had a short stop over, it is an amazing city surrounded by mountains (i kept thinking it must have been so much work to establish a city so high up !) and one of the higher cities i had went to so far. It is also the capital of Qinghai and has a significant muslim presence.

Now back to the train station before boarding the train to Lhasa !

Jason, Lindsay,Antonia and i were split up into 3 different carriages but this made things alot more interesting ;)

The train journey was extremely memorable and enjoyable for me. I never expected to have so much fun ! Amazing scenery, interacting with people from really random backgrounds and also observing all the different people and their respective habits. Because the three of us were separated into three different carriages, we slowly took turns visiting each other in our respective cabins and carriages. It was like chinese new year visiting ! :)))

Jason cabin had 3 young boys and 3 cheerful middle aged ladies from Dongbei.
When i went to visit Jason at his cabin, the three middle "aunties" were very excited to meet the both of us and wanted to find out all about singapore. We also spent time talking about China, the youths in china, food and so much more. Off course i was listening more than speaking due to my lousy chinese haha. They also offered us so much fruit and cakes that i could no longer have my lunch. Going to places with higher altitudes often caused the air in airtight packets of food ( Cracker, cakes, chips) to expand (due to the lower pressure) and it look like every thing was going to pop. So while we were trying to refuse the offer of further packets of cake they were offering us, one of the aunties said we have to eat all of them before they (pointing to a big bag of cakes) all pop because other people would than think we are terrorist.
I laughed so hard, my head nearly popped haha

Now there was quite a different atmosphere in my cabin, there was a Father and his Son from Qinghai and they were both muslims. They were very quiet and i found it hard to "break the ice" at first. They were also fasting and i was afraid to eat in their presence. However, thank God, somehow after awhile when they were breaking their fast they suddenly became very cheerful and open a whole cartoon of fruit and started to stuff Jason and i with fruit again. I found out that the son was a 26 year old noodle seller and had 3 children and they were going to tibet to visit their relatives. They were also quite interested in Singapore and wanted to see our currency as well as know how many muslims there were in Singapore haha.
Three muslims boys from the next cabin also came over and soon they started to play cards....Watching them play from the sidelines was a really interesting experience as there was so much similarities in how people from such different cultures played so similarly but yet with some subtle differences.
The father spent half his time sleeping and the other half the time looking at the scenery haha ! ( It was amazing ! ;0

We also spent quite abit of time playing cards ourself in Lindsay and Antonia's cabin :)
There was a mother and her son from Dalian and they kindly accommodated us while we played our cards (Yanif) and sat on her bed. They were constantly outside watching the scenery though haha.
Each of us had bought our tea tumbler and were drinking tea throughout the entire train journey haha. W

The train toilets and amenities were generally still better than i had expected but the journey was still not an easy one mainly because of the altitude. Most people had some headaches and several had nausea and vomiting. There are several classes in the train and i walked almost to the other end of the train and got to see the soft sleeper, and normal cabin. I was in the hard sleeper and i really couldnt imagine how the people in the seater section managed the journey, there were even some people who were in the "free sitting" classes which basically meant sitting and sleeping on the cold hard train floor :(

Here are some photos attempting to capture the tranquil scenery of western china :)

I hope i survive Lhasa !

His grace is remarkable
His mercies are innumerable
Strength impenetrable
He is honorable, accountable, favorable
He's unsearchable, yet knowable,
Undefinable, yet approachable,
Indescribable, yet personable
Praise his name forever- Issac wimberley

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