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Spliting for Split !

To my favourite Croatian Family ! :))

I was really excited to Hitch again after my past success...this was going to be my hardest hitch as it was crossing two countries.
It was an easy walk to the start point though as Mostar was so small. My main priority was to first get into croatia and than make my way up the coast towards split.

Not long after, a man and his daughter in a nice fast Audi picked me up and i found out he was from Croatia and he would drop me in a small city at the border ( well the car alone convinced me to get in haha )
I was dropped off at a junction where he said was the highway up the coast that would eventually lead to split.
It was literally the middle of nowhere, there were hardly any cars and i was famished... I took out my Burek and proceeded to devour it, halfway down it suddenly hit me, i didnt know how long i would be out here and started to exercise some rationing...
It always feel longer than it really is when you are waiting for someone/something.

Soon, a BMW picked me up !!! (5 series ) Woooo ! It was a middle aged business man in his late 40s. He had a good command of english and i could finally have a long decent conversation.
Honestly, i really had and still have no idea the entire time how much of what he told me was true. Most of the ideas and thoughts he was sharing with me was breaching the realm of Warped haha. ( some stuff at first was really interesting, the whole idea about consumerism and how he could live without money) but after that he started talking about living without food for a year ( he said he didnt eat or drink anything ) and was just living on natural energy. I asked him how and where this energy was. He said it was all around us and we just had to tune into the flow and receive the energy. I was really skeptical about him not eating and drinking but i looked around the car and there was really no food and water at all. ( he was on a really long drive, at least 8 hours and usually people would at least have a bottle of water in the car as it wasnt easy to find shops selling stuff )
Yea until today, i dont know how much truth was exchanged in that car haha...He dropped me off at the toll outside split and i thank him and bid him farewell :)

Now, i dont know how come i was so fortunate but after an Audi and BMW, the next car that picked me up was a spanking new Mercedes ! haha !!! Sweet !!!

It was just a short journey towards split and as my friends stayed in another small village 10km away from split and i gave up hitching as i was a little tired and decided to take a bus the last way. I told my friends i had no idea what time i would arrive and as i was walking to their house ( the route still fresh in my memory from last year ) i saw them calling out the window to me and were really surprised i made it so early :))

So good to be back with my lovely croatian friends in their lovely house :)

The view from their balcony :)

Ivan and his wife :) Loveliest couple ever and one of the most respected man i have in my life.

Traditional Croatian Cuisine Sarma

Incredibly good smelling home made bread: So good eating it alone was already amazing :)

My weak spot while travelling is i just wanna spend so much time with all my friends. God has blessed me with an incredible group of friends that really are so fun to hang out with and just really good company. I had planned to leave after just popping by but i was convinced once again to stay longer haha.

Croatian easter :) with cakes, and great food !!!

The view of the croatian coast and Split in a distance

Me and my youngest friend Ivana :)

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